Apartment in Naxxar

Every aspect of this apartment reflects the perfect blend of architectural expertise and skilled craftsmanship, resulting in a space that radiates both style and usability.

This project was carefully curated by Borg Bonaci Architecture and captured by the photographer Alex Attard. The natural stone, supplied and expertly installed, was provided by RLAUTIER Natural Stone Workshop.

In the kitchen, we installed Atlantic Grey Quartzite countertops with a stylish Leather Finish. These countertops also feature a handy Drain Board and a seamlessly integrated Built-in Sink, making it a blend of elegance and functionality.

Moving to the dining area, the Dining Table Top is made from Nero Marquina stone with a smooth Satin Finish, creating a refined setting for meals and conversations. This same luxurious finish graces the Coffee Table Top, contributing to the apartment's overall design.

The living room's centerpiece, the Fireplace Cladding, is adorned with Emperador Dark Grey stone, polished to exude warmth and sophistication.

In the bathrooms, the Vanity Top and Built-in Sink are crafted from Atlantic Grey Quartzite with a Leather Finish, offering both practicality and a visually pleasing design.

The bathroom walls showcase the natural beauty of Travertine Romano in its raw state, adding a timeless touch. In the shower area, a Feature Wall stands out with its Atlantic Grey Leather Finish.

Natural Stone & Installation: RLAUTIER
Architecture & Design: Borg Bonaci Architecture  
Photographer: Alex Attard