Why is quartzite the latest big trend in interior design?

Quartzite is undoubtedly a trend among interior designers and homeowners. We see it frequently featured in design magazines and other architectural publications, due to its immense beauty and great durability. But what is quartzite exactly? What are the differences between quartzite and quartz? Where is quartzite best used? In this post, we will give answers to these questions and learn more about one of the most resistant natural stones we can find.

You may be wondering why quartzite is nowadays so popular amongst architects and designers. Probably being quartzite one of the hardest and more versatile natural stones can help to understand why. Besides maintaining its properties almost unalterable over time, its natural look and unique beauty are making quartzite an increasingly popular choice among those who go after natural stone.

Quartzite is often confused with quartz due to its similar name, but they are two different stones. Quartz composite is a man-made stone as opposed to quartzite, which is a natural stone formed from sandstone in the earth being exposed to intense heat and pressure over time.

The range of colours and patterns are the direct results of the high temperature and pressure that this stone experiences inside of the earth. Quartzite mainly comes in earthy tones, but can also be found in brown, grey and black hues. It can vary from solid colours to crystalline sparkling. It is often a popular option for people who are looking to give a more natural, earthy look to an ambiance.

Regarding usability, quartzite is a natural stone with almost unlimited uses. It is widely used in flooring, wall cladding, bathrooms, kitchens and fireplaces. It stands up well to heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Quartzite is the best natural stone choice for kitchen counter tops due to its durability and resistance to chemicals, heat and scratching. Besides, quartzite will not etch from acids like lemon juice or vinegar.

Moreover, one of the most attractive benefits of quartzite is that some varieties look similar to marble but require much less maintenance. Quartzite remains beautiful over the years and it will certainly increase the value and appeal of your home.

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